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Message From Our Principal

Welcome To Canadian International School of Shenyang

Dear visitor to the CISS website,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school situated in Shenyang’s Qipanshan parkland. CISS offers the New Brunswick academic curriculum delivered through the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework.

At CISS we take pride in individualising our approach and materials to the students in our class. We are able to do this because we have small classes, and assistant, support and specialised teachers. The curriculums help us to achieve this.

We have a lot of fun every day on campus. From Little Tigers learning about ants to grade 10 students analysing the stories that cultures tell themselves every day. We tap into students’ aspirations, be it being kind to the environment or compassionate with people outside of our social circles. Our global curriculum trains students to learn about and explore difficult transnational issues without them necessarily expecting to arrive at a quick answer.

We celebrate learning, from Mathletics awards, to gold stars in the Grade 1 classroom, to a private encouragement on the stairs to a student for helping another up the stairs. Our focus is to increase the capacity of students to learn, and for this reason we communicate with parents to help them on this journey. With knowledge comes responsibility, and students are introduced to making choices by themselves, for themselves and others. Given students ownership of their own learning is one of the landmark features of developing agency in their learning. Sometimes this is called this independent learning or lifelong learning or self-starters.

Whatever age your child is, she or he will receive a whole child approach during their time with us. This honours the age-appropriate principles of Steiner, Montessori and Pestalozzi, to name a few. Our extracurricular activities (ECA) form an important part of learning at CISS.

The selection of the right education for your child is never easy. The admissions packet and our website will provide you with all the basic information needed for you to decide the right school for the next stage of your child’s journey. We look forward to receiving your call and better still, encourage you to visit our close-knit community in the unforgettable setting of Qipanshan.

With warm wishes,

Mr Michael Thomas Coffey