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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents/guardians have lots of questions with respect to choosing the right school for their children when moving to a new environment. Please find below some of the most common questions that prospective parents/guardians and students are asking us while visiting CISS.

* What are your school hours?

School starts at 8:20 and ends at 16:40 
Note: 1, School ends at 14:50 on Wednesday and 15:30 on Friday
          2, During the winter, school ends at 15:45 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

* What are your class sizes?

Maximum 25 students per class. 
2 &3  years old, there is one teacher, 2 teaching assistants and a max of 25 kids
4 &5  years old, there is one teacher, 1 teaching assistant and a max of 25 kids

* Do you have cafeteria services?

Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten: CISS school's caterer offers morning/afternoon snack and breakfast/lunch for free. 
Grade 1-12: Our school's caterer offers morning snack for free and hot buffet lunches.

* Do you have a dress code?

CISS has a uniform dress code
. Students must wear the uniform purchased from CISS School Shop. No substitutions are accepted. All students are to wear the required uniform at all times within the school premises and/or while representing CISS at a school function.

* Do you accept students with special needs?

CISS accepts students with mild learning disabilities and with certain physical disabilities. Nevertheless, CISS cannot accept students whose physical or learning disability is judged by our academic staff to be such that we cannot effectively educate the child.

* What is your English as Additional Language (EAL) Policy?

EAL Policy 

* What foreign languages do you offer?

Preschool & Elementary: Mandarin language is offered on a daily basis. Mandarin class covers the 4 components of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing

Middle School: Mandarin is offered. Mandarin language is offered on a daily basis.

* What school supplies do we need to bring?

Kindergarten & Elementary School:Pre-k supplies list,   Kindergarten supplies list, Grade 1 supplies listGrade 2 supplies list, Grade 3 supplies list,Grade 4 supplies list,Grade 5 supplies list

Middle/High School: Subject teacher will provide specific requirement during Orientation Day.

* Where are your teachers from?

CISS has over 20 full-time teachers representing over 7 nationalities. Our teachers are all university certified educators.

* What is IB (International Baccalaureate)?

The Non-profit IB Organization began its development in the 1960's in an international effort to create a common curriculum and universal entrance for students who move from country to country. The program has continued to evolve into one stressing the education of the student as a whole. IB learners strive to be: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective.

For more information on the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programs, visit the IBO's website at www.ibo.org

* Where do CISS graduates go to university?

Please view Canadian International School of Beijing(CISB) university acceptance  page.  

* When should I apply and how long does the application process take?

CISS has a rolling admission process so parents are advised to start the application process in January for the following school year beginning in August . Applications are accepted throughout the year, and students are admitted based on space availability.
Upon completion of the application, which includes all supporting documents, an Admissions Officer will contact you regarding your child's status.

* How will you help my child make the transition to Shenyang and CISS?

All new students starting in August will be invited to attend an Orientation Day the Friday before school starts. This is an opportunity for new students to meet other new students, teachers, counselor, and principal.

Within the school year, all new students will be assigned a student "buddy" who will accompany him/her during his/her first week at school.

* Is testing necessary for my child to attend your school?

As part of the application process, CISS requires all non-native English speaking applicants to undertake an English language assessment to determine the student's English language. This determination shall be made by the School through a variety of means, which will include a review of official school transcripts, records, and other evaluative procedures.