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Admissions Policy

Canadian International School of Shenyang accepts applications from new students throughout the year, taking completed applications in the order in which they arrive until no space remains in a given class.

As an international school, CISS accepts applications from all nationalities outside of mainland China, the children with PR(Permanent Resident) cards and also the children from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


1. Academic Skills

CISS is a university preparatory school that challenges students to meet the highest standards and expects each student to learn to their maximum potential. Based on previous school transcripts and reports, applicants must show their motivation to achieve successfully the high academic standards of CISS.

2. Social Skills

CISS is a learning community bound together by adherence to the principles of respect, responsibility and honesty. As such, CISS accepts only students whose past record demonstrates a clear commitment to these principles.


The maximum class size at CISS is 25 students.


In the case of a child being accepted to CISS but with no space available in the class, the child is placed on a waiting list.

Accepted students are placed on a waiting list strictly in chronological order by date of completed application. Priority is given to:

CISS Alumni: returning students

Siblings: siblings of students already enrolled in the school

General Information

CISS welcomes students from all over the world. We accept students based on their academic and social skills. 

English Proficiency

The primary language of instruction at CISS is English. All applicants in Grade 1 and above for whom English is not the primary language at home will be assessed to determine whether or not they should be enrolled in EAL(English as an Additional Language)  program.