IB education emphasizes the comprehensive development of a whole- person education, while dormitory life is an important part of the development of whole-person education.

As a continuum IB world school, CISS attaches importance to the building of dormitory programs. Students can obtain leadership training in a warm and disciplined dormitory environment and establish a deep friendship with their classmates.

CISS provides students with comfortable, safe and modern dormitory with function room, reading room and self-study room, etc. Under the arrangement and guidance of dormitory supervisor, students need to conduct self-study, reading and various extracurricular activities every day, so as to ensure a rich and colorful dormitory life and at the same time a supplement to the classroom learning during the day.


Dormitory head

Each dormitory will have a dormitory head elected regularly to help manage the daily affairs of the dormitory, in order to develop student’s leadership.


Dormitory supervisor

CISS dormitory is equipped with high-quality dormitory supervisor to supervise, guide and help dormitory students. After ensuring that all the students in the dormitory have met enough daily studying time, the supervisor will organize all kinds of recreational and sports activities such as ball games, ice skating, board games, piano, drum sets and so on. Besides, regular board games are held among students to enrich their dormitory life. Dormitory supervisor will preside over dormitory meetings, mediate conflicts, and guide students in the proper handling of interpersonal relationships so that students can get the necessary support both academically and emotionally. Dormitory supervisor is an important bridge for parents to know more about students. The school will regularly hold dormitory parents' meeting. Dormitory supervisor will timely report students' performance and problems in the dormitory to the parents, parents and school work together to provide a quality dormitory environment for students.


School infirmary

CISS is committed to the healthy development of students. The school infirmary has professional staff to provide 24-hour medical services for teachers and students.


Annex Dormitory regulations