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Good News! 11 CISS Students Win Kangaroo Math Awards

release time:2022-06-28 10:35:41 Hits:

Recently, announcement is released from the Organizing Committee of 2022 Asdan Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition. In this competition, CISS students performed well and a total of 11 students won awards!

Kangaroo Mathematics Competition is one of the three major mathematics competitions for primary and secondary school students with international influence. It was initiated by the Australian mathematician Peter O' Halloran in 1980, and the organizing committee was formally established by French mathematics educators in 1991, and was promoted in Europe. In honor of Halloran, the competition was named "Kangaroo Math Competition". The Kangaroo Math Competition focus on being interesting, lively and close to life, thereby stimulating students' interest in learning and self-confidence. In recent years, it has attracted more and more students from countries and regions to participate. In 2019, more than 6.3 million people around the world participated in the Kangaroo Math Competition.

The competition is of high standards and strong competitiveness, and only the best contestants can achieve awards. In this year's Kangaroo Math Competition, CISS had 23 students of all ages participating, and a total of 11 students won awards, an improvement over the 2021 results of 8 awards (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze and 4 Proficiency Awards). Remarkably and fully demonstrate the high-quality mathematics teaching achievements of CISS.

Here is the list of winners:

Silver Award Winners: Paul Chufei (G8), Sihu Bae (G6), Ethan Li (G6), Lea Lin (G4)

Bronze Award Winner: Gaeun Nam (G3)

Proficiency Award Winners: Yunce Cui (G2), Qiming Liang (G4), Richard Shi (G6), Kevin Shi (G6), Amy Zhang (G8), Alicia Jin (G10).