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Exploring The Universe ‖ The Solar System In CISS G5 Students’ Eyes

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On November 23, in G5 IB PYP Unit of Inquiry class, the students gave full play to their imagination and creativity, and revealed a wonderful planetary universe!

In this IB PYP Unit of Inquiry, the teacher assigned students an interdisciplinary theme "How the World Works". In conjunction with this theme, each student chose a planet in the solar system to inquire. Students carefully collected materials and summarized accordingly, they were fully aware of the planets to be presented, they told the history of the planets, the origin of their names, their landforms, surface temperatures and their connections with other planets. At the same time students gave full play to their imagination by imagining “Whether there is life on the planet.”

Through inquiry like this, students not only developed their creativity and critical thinking, but also integrated the knowledge they had acquired, draw inferences from one another, and used unique language to show and imagine. Students really enjoyed the process of inquiry!