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German lessons at the Canadian International School Shenyang (CISS)

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Mr Sven Löeschengruber  German Teacher

The subject "German" is not a regular school subject within the IB program at the Canadian International School Shenyang.Nevertheless, as an international school, we are pleased that we can offer German-speaking students a corresponding native-language program. All children in elementary school as well as in middle school receive additional German lessons two hours a week.

CISS is of the opinion that this support for the children is absolutely beneficial and at the same time necessary, so that the children can easily re-enter the German school system as part of their later school career in Germany. They don´t learn and speak their mother tongue only at home, but also learn to write German with the support of school.

Since our German students are native speakers who are primarily taught in English at our school, the focus in German classes is on developing written skills such as the correct use of written German and grammar.

For this purpose, we use recognized and proven writing courses from long-established textbook publishers, online learning materials and student-oriented and motivating learning apps such as "" or "", which we as a school make available to the children free of charge.

The German lessons complement the extensive language program of our IB school and supplement the everyday school life for the German schoolkids in a very meaningful way.