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Visit to CIS Shenyang by Education Officials representing the United States

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On September 4 ,2018 the Canadian International School of Shenyang was delighted to host Dr. Lawrence Hobdell of the U.S. Department of State, Regional Education Office in Washington D.C, and Mr. Dennis Robertson, Management Officer, Consulate General of the U.S. in Shenyang.

Both officials toured our facility, had 2 ½ hours of educational discussions with our Principal Mr. Alan Norman, interacted with our students and staff and reviewed our schools Academic Curriculum, our IB progress, our Staff and Student Handbook policies, Operating Procedures and discussed our Safety and Security standards for students and staff.

Dr. Hobdell reviews International Schools for the US Department of State to ensure that they offer programs that meet the needs of US citizens living in regions around the world.

We were honored that our school was included for such a visitation.

Below are pictures of the visit!