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CPPCC Members Inspected the Development of Foreign-related Education in Shenyang

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    On the afternoon of May 14, the CPPCC of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Liaison and Foreign Affairs Committee organized sector members to conduct inspections on the development of foreign-related education in the Canadian International School of Shenyang (CISS).

    Firstly, CPPCC Members listened to a welcoming introduction to CISS from Dr. Francis Peng,  Chairman of Canada AKD International Education Inc.. Dr. Peng, gave deep insight on the school layout, IB education system and teaching management, as well as teacher allocation, and progressive teaching development. The commission also visited many facilities around the campus, such as the classrooms, compound rooms, students practice bases, and communicated with teachers and students.

    CISS is a 15-year integrated school which enrolls the children of foreigners/foreign cards card holders, as well as those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. CISS was founded by the Ministry of Education of New Brunswick Provincial Government, Canada, in cooperation with Canada AKD International Education Inc., and is trying to fill the gap in international education development in the Liaoning province. The school was established in May 2017 and began to enroll student formally at the beginning of 2018 with senior middle school, junior middle school, primary school and kindergarten, for children of foreigners in the Liaoshen area, Liaoning, China. CISS has adopted the world advanced Power School system whose status is recognized by the New Brunswick Ministry of Education, Canada. Moreover, students are eligible to take HSK Chinese Certification Examination. CISS has been certified by the International Baccalaureate Organization with the qualification to offer IB courses, which are not available in any other international school in Liaoning Province at present.

    Dr. Peng Jianhua, Chairman of Canada AKD International Education Inc. said that the group has been committed to international education in China for over the past 20 years. It has established nearly 30 Canadian international schools in 20 provinces in China. Nearly 10,000 alumni have graduated from these schools up to now, and countless outstanding students have entered world famous and well-known universities in China and abroad. In order to ensure education quality, the teachers are required to hold the Teacher Qualification Certificate issued by the authoritative department, receiving relevant training on a regular basis, especially the training conducted by experts appointed by the IBO. CISS is striving to build high-level and high-quality international education service platform for the children of foreigners in Shenyang to make it become an international, ecological and educational school that will satisfy students, reassure parents, and let more students yearn for.

    CPPCC Members all believed that the current development of foreign-related education in Shenyang has a good momentum, which possesses a great positive significance for the city in its opening to international education in the new era, to create an international business environment and to improve the quality of public services.

    The committee members indicated that they would continue to focus on the development of foreign-related education in Shenyang and offer suggestions on the future development of foreign-related education in CISS. They hoped that Shenyang foreign-related education schools and related projects could establish a unified standard and quality certification to perfect Chinese-foreign cooperative education. In addition, they suggested refining the system construction, establishing a standardized management system, actively introducing foreign high-quality educational resources, and ensuring high-quality education. At last, they advised foreign-related education to strengthen publicity and emphasize on brand building of Sino-foreign cooperative education and characteristic development.