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Get On Ice and Snow Sports‖CISS Students On Ice

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27 days until the Beijing Winter Olympics

Winter with snow

This is the world of ice and snow fairy tales that children want

As the 2022 Winter Olympics approach

The charm of ice and snow outdoor sports

has fascinated more and more children!

Every year before the coldest January, the CISS logistics department staff will always get the ice rink ready! Everything is ready for the upcoming teaching on ice of Mr. Paulo! This year is no exception. At the same time, in order to match the theme of the 2022 Winter Olympics, some Winter Olympics-themed decorations have been carried out on the ice rink, making the sports atmosphere on campus even stronger!

So, let's walk into the G5 PE class together today, let's feel the joy of ice sports together! After putting on protective gears and doing warm-up exercises, Mr. Paulo give a series of explanations before going on the ice with the students! When everything is ready, the students will practice on the ice! Mr. Paulo meticulously instructs the students on how to stand and skate, so that even students who have no experience skating in the past can happily shuttle on the ice with a chair! The children's faces are full of smiles, and in speed and competition, they feel the charm of this unique winter sports activity!

At CISS, PE is not just about getting children to exercise more, it is more about willpower education, collaboration education and principles education. Academician Zhong Nanshan once said, "I deeply feel the importance of sports to my work in other fields, and it has had a great impact on my life.” Therefore, here in CISS we not only hope that students will just use sports experience as a way to prove their excellence. In addition, we hope that they can feel the charm of different sports cultures, develop various excellent qualities, understand the spirit of sports, and take one or more sports items as their lifelong passion. At the same time, our sports items are offered in an inclusive and differentiated way, hoping to help the majority students locate their true interests!     

Since the establishment of the school, CISS has been committed to helping and cultivating our students to become global citizens, so that they understand good self-management and maintaining a healthy body can also be applied to helping others and making the world a better place!