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Discovering Science Together! ‖ 2nd Science Week Activities Held In CISS

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Exploring the unknown world in science, discovering the beauty of nature in science, and seeking learning fun in science.

From January 10th to 14th, CISS successfully completed the course study of the second science week. The theme of this year's Science Week is "Discovering Science Together". Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 students had a preliminary understanding of the relevant disciplines and knowledge systems of general science. The Grade 4 students learned "Principles of Engineering" and had a vivid understanding of the basic principles of how to translate scientific knowledge into applications. The Grade 5 students learned about " Microscopes: a world in every raindrop" and saw the world invisible to the naked eye with the help of scientific instruments.

The science class of CISS is intuitive, vivid and interesting, which makes the students fascinated. The class allows them to appreciate the magic and charm of the scientific world, see the great power of human beings to use scientific research to understand the world and transform the world, and thus students are also interested in further exploration in the scientific world in the future.

On the 14th, Science Week Closing Ceremony and Achievement Exhibition Event is held, and awards such as " Best Class Experiment", " Show and Tell Category Prize" and " Experiment Category Prize" are awarded.

Madam Duan Yun A, Executive Director of CISS, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony on behalf of Chairman of the Board Dr. Francis Pang. She said: Welcome to the magical world of science, and congratulations to all of you for your new achievements. Science is a weapon for mankind to eliminate ignorance and possess wisdom, and a weapon for human beings to understand and transform the world. Our beautiful life today, the convenience of life and study that everyone enjoys, mostly comes from the inventions and creations of science and technology. Today, we come together to "discover science together", to know what science is, to feel the beauty of science, and to plant the seed of using science to explore the world and transform the world. We hope that this seed will grow into a towering tree one day, and outstanding scientists and inventors will emerge among you, leaving your names in the history of scientific development! We hope this seed will make everyone have a love for science, with the spirit of science, to learn, to live, and to feel the beauty of life and the beauty of the world!