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The PYP Celebrate 100 Days of School

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The 100th day of school is an exciting time in the elementary classroom. This day signifies the 100th day of class in the school year. However, it is much greater than that. The 100th day is a special opportunity for the teachers and students of CISS to reflect upon and celebrate milestones in their academic achievement, to reflect on their own learning and to celebrate the progress they have made. The PYP students celebrated by participating in a variety of activities across different subjects. Not all activities are mentioned, but here are some activities done by the CISS PYP students.


To develop an awareness that there are more than 20 numbers in the world, the early years group were very busy this week counting and marking the stairs in the school until they got to 100 stairs. 

On Friday, they dressed up as grandmas and grandpas and they looked adorable! The Big Tigers completed an art project where they stuck 100 things onto card – thank you to mum and dad for helping them. 

The Little Tigers did a fun craft where they had to stick cotton to grandma’s and grandpa’s hair – what fun they had!

Grade 1

The Grade 1 students worked with patterns in groups of 10s to make up 100. They completed a 100s number chart indicating the different patterns of colour, shape, size and direction. They had a wonderful day developing their Math skills and showing greater understanding of larger numbers.

Grade 2

The Grade 2 class brought 100 items from home which they used in various activities throughout the day. They counted them and played with them and had fun exploring each item that the students shared. They also completed a 100 chart during their Math lesson which helped conceptualise their understanding of numbers.

They decorated beautiful glasses which they wore during the day – they look so smart and clever!

Grade 3

Dr Allers and her students created wonderful crowns to celebrate their 100 days of school. Each student made beautiful crowns at home out of recycled material and wore them during class.

Each Grade 3 student brought 100 items from their home. As part of their Math lesson, they weighed each bag of 100 items and then compared the different weights and presented their findings as a bar graph. 

Grade 4

The Grade 4s had a wonderful activity! They created a 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge with the help of the other PYP students. They were asked to write down on a sticky note any random act of kindness that they had done for someone else in the last few days. All these were placed on a chart for all to see.

They also compiled a list of 100 words they know and tried to make 100 words using the letters from “ONE HUNDRED”. This certainly challenged them and increased their vocabulary.


The Grade 5s came to school in 100sies or pyjamas as part of their celebrations. Then, working in groups, the Grade 5 class started their day with seeing who could make the best sentence using only 100 letters. They were given points for the number of nouns and adjectives they used but they also had points taken off for any mistakes made in the sentence. The team with the closest to 100 got more points. One team made a sentence with 100 letters exactly!

Strategy and planning was needed for the next activity. Mrs Hobson scattered 100 candies across the soccer field. Using a pedometer on their iPads to count their steps, the students had to collect as many candies as they could whilst counting their steps and then return to Mrs Hobson. But.... there was a trick! For every step over 100 that the student took, they had to give a candy back to Mrs Hobson. So, the students had to decide - do they collect as many candies as possible and risk having candy taken away if they walked more than 100 steps, or do they take less candy and stay within the 100-step limit???

An exciting day of activities was had by all with much reflection and celebration of the progress they have made in the first 100 days of school. Well done, CISS PYP students – we are proud of all you have achieved.