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Sticking To Post For 52 Days Thank You For Living Up To The Mission

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In spring, flowers will bloom, "epidemic" will disperse and breeze will come. With the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the time for CISS to resume offline class is getting closer.

On May 5, CISS held a grand ceremony to commend the members of the campus epidemic prevention team who have made outstanding contributions in the previous stage of epidemic prevention and control. Madam Yun A Duan, Executive Director of CISS, read out the letter of thanks from Dr. Francis Pang, Chairman of the Board of CISS, to the campus epidemic prevention team at the conference, and presented awards to the members.

Mr. Michael, CISS Principal, who took office in April, delivered a speech at the commendation ceremony. He said that he would like to thank every member of the campus epidemic prevention team on this occasion. You did your best to ensure the safety of all the faculty and staff living on campus, and your meticulous care made each of us happy. Tomorrow, some students will return to school and resume offline class. I believe that in the days to come, all of you will serve every CISS student with even more passion.

At the commendation ceremony, Madam Yun A Duan, also announced that starting from May 6, some students of the school will resume offline class. The campus epidemic prevention work will be converted to daily epidemic prevention state. The campus epidemic prevention team that had undertaken a special mission in the previous stage successfully completed its mission and officially disbanded from now on!

The following is a letter of thanks from Chairman of the Board Dr. Francis Pang to the epidemic prevention team.

Dear CISS campus epidemic prevention team members:

May 5 is the last day for our campus epidemic prevention team to get together. From tomorrow, our school will end the special epidemic prevention state and return to normal operation. In other words, with everyone's hard work, our epidemic prevention work has achieved a staged victory. Our temporarily formed team, after successfully completing its mission, can finally be disbanded!

Thank you for your hard work these days! From tomorrow on, everyone can go home and be with your family. In the future weekends and holidays, everyone will surely cherish the time very much. Shopping, even the trivia like grocery shopping and cooking, this belated gathering with your family must be extraordinarily sweet and warm.

Over the past 52 days, all members of the CISS epidemic prevention team have had a difficult time together. After 52 days of hard work, today, all members of the epidemic prevention team can finally go home. Let’s congratulate the staged victory of campus epidemic prevention. Thank you for your hard work these days.

52 days ago, 32 colleagues of the epidemic prevention team responded to the school's call when the epidemic situation was completely uncertain, and voluntarily returned to the school to accompany the foreign teachers and their families. Together, they formed an indestructible anti-epidemic defense line. All these days, everyone has overcome various obstacles in life and has always stayed at school. In addition to the daily epidemic prevention work, everyone has also undertaken a lot of other hard work. The staff of the engineering, school bus, cafeteria, cleaning and administrative departments have not rested for a single day. They have been cleaning the campus environment, improving and maintaining the facilities of the academic building. The cleaning team has increased the workload to improve the work of epidemic prevention and disinfection. The hygiene and cleanliness of the cafeteria team is a model for all departments to learn. Colleagues in the administrative department also always stick to their posts and complete ordinary and trivial work. The two persons in charge of epidemic prevention, Alice and Lily, took the heavy burden even more, led the team to formulate epidemic prevention measures, and urged everyone to complete the epidemic prevention work, so that the epidemic prevention work of CISS is fully recognized and affirmed by relevant departments on district and municipal level. Once again you showed me the CISS spirit of selfless dedication, solidarity and cooperation. Your fearlessness and courage, your dedication and sacrifice will go down in the history of CISS!

During these days, the foreign teachers have also worked very hard. You are far away from your hometown, closed in the school, and going through language and information barrier. You must be anxious and uneasy to some extent in your heart. But you still put students first, keep teaching online for students, and help students complete their studies. Such professionalism makes me see the holiness and greatness of teachers.

Dear colleagues, each of you is indispensable, you are all heroes of CISS!

Tomorrow, school will reopen. Let us look forward to the sound of reading again on campus.

Wish everyone good health, peace and prosperity, everything goes well with your work, and CISS getting better and better!

CISS Chairman of the Board  Dr. Francis Pang

May 5, 2022

At this very moment, we suddenly feel some reluctance. The time we have spent together during the fight against the epidemic will be the same as that two years ago. It will once again become our best memory, proving that we have paid efforts, worked hard, and fought for CISS.

Looking back on this journey, 52 days ago, the rallying call of the campus epidemic prevention team sounded like this:

On March 15, when the epidemic in Shenyang occurred again, CISS issued a mobilization order to all Chinese staff, hoping that everyone will take action and voluntarily join the battle to safeguard campus safety.

On March 16, CISS campus epidemic prevention team was established, and 32 team members solemnly swore:

They will do their best to keep the campus safe!

Faced with the severe situation of local clustered epidemic in many places in China recently, the CISS anti-epidemic team that played an important role in the outbreak of the epidemic two years ago has assembled again. In the future, they will be doing the same as two years ago, eat and live in the school, guard the foreign teachers, and take various epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of the campus.

It is also hoped that the faculty and staff working from home, students who are studying online and parents will take daily precautions to ensure physical and mental health, and smoothly pass through this difficult period.

Over the next 52 days, here is what they did: