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CISS Campus Epidemic Prevention Team Sounded Rallying Call For The Third Time!

release time:2022-05-10 10:13:30 Hits:

Times are difficult, and the pandemic is re-emerging. In order to prevent the recent spread of the epidemic in some parts of the province, CISS, which has just resumed offline class on May 6, has sounded rallying call for campus epidemic prevention team for the third time.

After a long test of 52 days of perseverance, the members of campus epidemic prevention team only had one day of reunion and rest with their families, and they have responded to the school's call again and returned to the school voluntarily. Just like the previous two times, they will eat and live inside the school, guard the foreign teachers, and take various epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of students and campus.

On May 9, Madam Yun A Duan, executive director of CISS, convened an emergency meeting of campus epidemic prevention team. She told everyone that whenever danger comes, someone will always make sacrifices, and someone will always come forward. On behalf of chairman of the board, Dr. Francis Pang, she thanked everyone for their support to the school. She said: I am also a member of the epidemic prevention team. I will always work with you to carry forward the spirit of taking responsibility courageously and fighting till the end, guarding the security of the campus, and becoming the most reliable support for all foreign teachers and students and a solid firewall in CISS.

At the same time, it is also hoped that foreign teachers and students who have resumed offline class will do well in daily protection, ensure physical and mental health, and smoothly pass through this difficult period.

Thanks to the campus epidemic prevention team for your efforts! It is believed that the haze will eventually dissipate and tranquility will come!