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Prevention And Control In Mind, Drills In Action || Multi-scenario Epidemic Prevention Emergency Drills In CISS

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CISS epidemic prevention and control work is related to the health and safety of every student and teacher, and concerns all parents, and has also received great attention from relevant government departments. The director of education bureau of Hunnan District visited the school in person to guide the epidemic prevention work, the supervisors came to the school for inspections many times, and school stationed personnel came to work in our school every day to improve the epidemic prevention work.

In order to further implement the detailed school epidemic emergency drill plan and improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control and emergency response, Madam Yun A Duan, executive director of CISS, decided to organize multi-scenario emergency drills on May 11 to deal with more emergencies to ensure the safety of teachers and students in school and create a better learning atmosphere!

Emergency drill scenario 1: Abnormal body temperature of student in the classroom

When teacher finds that student's body temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃ during the temperature measurement, this shall be immediately reported to the principal, and the principal shall report it to the executive director. The executive director will activate the emergency plan and immediately report it to the Education Bureau and the epidemic prevention departments.

Activate emergency plan! The emergency team members wear PPE and transfer the sick student to the quarantine room through the emergency transfer channel for timely temperature measurement and quarantine observation. Emergency team members lead students to be transferred to the quarantine spare classroom, and homeroom teacher appease students in the classroom. Emergency personnel ventilate and disinfect the classroom where the sick student was and the passage area where the sick student walked. Emergency personnel contact the parents of students or teachers to inquire about the contact history, and wait for further instructions or transfer work with health departments.


Emergency drill Scenario 2: student is a close contact

When receiving a call from epidemic prevention department, the nucleic acid test result of a student's parent is abnormal, and the student is a close contact, and emergency plan is immediately activated. Take the student to the quarantine room, assist the student to wear PPE, transport the student to the quarantine transfer vehicle through the emergency transfer channel, and wait for further transfer work with health department.

Emergency drill scenario 3: Abnormal body temperature before entering the school

When student's body temperature is found abnormal before entering the school, the emergency team personnel immediately transfer the student to the re-examination observation. Close the school gate, seal off and disinfect the area in front of the school gate. The security guards guide the rest of the vehicles arriving at the school to keep clear, and change the route to send students into the school through the side gate.

The whole drill process was in order, with a clear division of labor and close coordination, which achieved the expected results. At the same time, it has effectively improved our school's emergency response capabilities in the process of epidemic prevention and control, so that the entire school's faculty and staff have a more scientific and standardized understanding of epidemic prevention and control work, and the school's epidemic prevention work has become more refined to safeguard the safety of students, and promote the healthy and happy growth of students!