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Colorful Early Summer, Beautiful Restart||CISS Grades 4-8 First Day Of Offline School Resumption

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The epidemic is dispersed, and we meet in early summer. On May 31, after more than two months of "studying from home", the day for offline class resumption for CISS grades 4-8 finally came. Students returned to campus with energetic faces, warming the month of May for all of us. Many days of CISS's efforts in epidemic prevention have brought us today's meeting on time. At this moment, all the sweat shed has condensed into happiness and excitement.

On school bus

School bus supervisors measure body temperature of students and conduct disinfection in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, remind and regularly check students' wearing of masks on school bus. When students get off school bus, school bus supervisors remind the students to keep a distance of one meter from each other to enter the campus.

At school gate

At the entrance of CISS in the early morning, Madam Yun A Duan, executive director of CISS, and Principal Michael led the faculty and staff to welcome students. School nurse took the temperature of the students who arrived at the school. After temperature measurement, students entered the campus with social distancing of one meter.


The warm sun arrives as promised, the quiet campus regains its vitality. Students in the classroom are full of energy and actively interact with teachers. Classroom atmosphere is active while teaching is in order!


Our school strictly abides by relevant regulations on epidemic prevention, and distributes and delivers meals to students in each class. To provide students with a safer dining environment, more nutritious meals, and protect the healthy growth of students.

Reading aloud and full of life

Resumption of offline class does not mean the end of the epidemic, and prevention and control of the epidemic still cannot be relaxed.

All teachers, students and parents should implement epidemic prevention and self-management.

Let us work together to prevent and control the epidemic and build a strong line of defense for students' health and safety.