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CISS Invited To Attend Sino-Bavarian Father’s Day Frühschoppen

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On June 19, 2022, CISS was invited to attend Sino-Bavarian Father’s Day Frühschoppen. In this Bavarian event various interesting competitions, performances and charity sales were set up. CISS also brought the mascot little tiger to attend the charity sales.

The highlight of this event is the Bavarian country dance brought by the eight beautiful managing directors on behalf of AmCham! Do you still remember their amazing performance last year? The cheerful rhythm attracted the audience to join in this delightful dance! Again, this year they put on their performances - twirling, clapping, stomping, jumping, and bowing to the music. They change the image of business elites from the past, and turn into professional dancers. The event is filled with vitality with their infectious dance, leading the audience to experience the unique charm of Bavarian dance. No matter where you are from, you can definitely feel the joy of freedom here.

CISS faculty and staff also carefully prepared interesting activities for the children present. Chinese and foreign teachers participated in the event and prepared a variety of activities such as fun sports, face painting for kids, kite making, and dot painting for children to choose from! The kids had so much fun!