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CISS Singing Lesson

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Do you still remember Dance Monkey performed by CISS students? The wonderful singing amazed the audience! Now, they have brought you another song Something Just Like This. Vibrant children's voices, each child releases his/her unique nature with the melody of the music, just like a group of little angels. Voices are so clear and bright, and when they come together, they are the sounds of nature!

Music is a universal language in the world. It is not restricted by race, region, wealth or nobility. People of any country and culture can understand and enjoy it. Music plays many roles of truth, goodness and beauty, and its role in life is also indispensable. It is a good recipe for human beings to cultivate sentiments and a ladder for the spread of civilization.

In CISS, although students come from different parts of the world and speak different mother tongues, still they can feel the most colorful language in the world at this moment - the beauty of music. In singing they feel the joy of " The melodious singing goes away with the breeze, straight into the sky".