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CISS Kindergarten Science Class

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For many people, science is covered with mysterious veil. What is science in the eyes of children? Come join us into the CISS summer camp science class and explore the mysteries of science with Dr. Ali!

First of all, you need to take a magnifying glass and observe with us: what is the body structure of little ants? What is the difference between the size of ants in the same nest? What is the difference between their daily activities? What kind of living habits do ants have? Do they like sweet candy too?

Please don't blink, let's observe color together: what color does red and blue make? What color does yellow and blue make? What color does red and yellow make? Let's widen our eyes and take a closer look! Thanks to the use of shaving foam as a cushion, color blending is more slowly and vividly displayed in front of the students! In this way, it is more helpful to understand abstract concept!

What do think, is it interesting enough? Through scientific experiments, students learn to observe, participate in hands-on practice, actively think with their brains, their interest in learning is stimulated, their cognition of things in the world is enhanced, and methods of problem exploration and research are mastered accordingly. From now on, summer holiday is boring no more. Students will study happily at CISS in this hot summer, enrich themselves and leave a good childhood memory!