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CISS First Day Of Offline Class Resumption ‖Mountain& Rivers Will Always Meet, Future Can Be Expected

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The cloudy sky hides summer colors, and the leaves of trees move with the sound of autumn. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has postponed the days to meet the students! We waited and waited, and finally the time has come!

On September 13, Madam Yun A Duan, Executive Director of CISS, and Mr. Michael, the Principal, led the administrative staff and teachers of the offline resumed grades to wait at the school gate early in the morning to welcome the students!

The resumption of offline class at CISS is proceeding in an orderly manner! The campus, which has been silent for a long time, has regained its vitality. Teachers and parents have regained their "long-lost busyness", and even traffic jams have become "the joy that comes from offline class resumption ".

In the new school year, in addition to the cute and familiar faces, there are also many new faces in CISS. Madam Yun A Duan, the Executive Director, gave each student a cordial high-five and sighed that the students back from holiday have grown taller!

The teachers held up the grade signs and waited for the arrival of the students! After the students arrived at the school, they flew to the teachers and talked non-stop! After having been separated for a long time, the teachers and students who met across the screen finally see each other face to face at this very moment. Everyone's eyes are full of joy. In this warm moment, the smile on everyone’s face is as perfect as a crescent moon!

It is only in difficult times that courage is revealed; bravery and commitment are just precious for getting things done. The pandemic will eventually pass, and there are always good things waiting ahead. Cherish today's laughter, and look forward to all the accumulations during the silent period become driving force to move forward, and accompanying the students to a better tomorrow!