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CISS Happy Halloween

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November 1 is the traditional Western holiday Halloween. In Europe, it is traditionally believed that the eve of Halloween is the time that spiritual world gets the closest to human world. Children will carry pumpkins, wear all kinds of peculiar costumes, go door to door to ask for candy, and keep saying: "trick or treat". If you refuse to give candy, children will get furious and punish you in different ways, such as dumping garbage in your doorstep and so on, until you are willing to offer candy. Therefore, Halloween is a fun and "tasty" holiday for children.

On October 31, Halloween activities are taking place in CISS. Early in the morning, Madam Yun A Duan, the executive director dressed as Queen of Hearts, Mr. Michael, the masked principal, together with teachers dressed in costumes are standing at the school gate to greet students.

The activities on the day are just wonderful: First up is Halloween costume show. All the students have prepared distinctive costumes for the day, and then teachers introduce how Halloween is celebrated around the world. Last but not least, a classic Halloween movie is presented to students. Elements of Halloween are also incorporated into regular teaching, forging strong festival atmosphere for students to feel.