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What makes fun learning? (Halloween Edition)

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This question is one which many have tried to answer throughout time. Is it purely because of the environment we as teachers create? What we can answer is that fun learning is holistic learning: creating an environment which increases the possibility of children learning and retaining more information throughout their life. In Kindergarten, creating a holistic learning environment has endless possibilities, because of a combination of learner attitudes, appropriate environment and exterior classrooms to absorb knowledge.

At CISS, we understand the challenge and opportunity to learn through the Early Years program. It is the foundation of learning, making students feel comfortable whilst challenging them through fun activities, socialised learning and open perspectives from the outside world. This is why Kindergarten is one of the most important parts of a child’s education; it unlocks the inquisitive mind of a child to explore throughout their entire life, even in adulthood. For example, during around this time, we have Halloween activities. 

This is a perfect example of showing not what our students learn, but how and why they learn. The occasion itself is one where students learn about the history, attire and traditions of the holiday, but furthermore it is a chance for students to express and showcase themselves. They quickly learn that it is a holiday for everyone, regardless of nationality. Equally, they learn the different aspects of the holidays, trick or treating, different costumes, traditional foods, common animal sights. But the most important point they discover: it is fun.  When something is fun, learning is fun.