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CISS Autumn Hiking

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The sky is high with gentle autumn cool breeze, and late autumn is the best time for ascending heights.

On October 27th, all teachers and students of Canadian International School of Shenyang went hiking to Qipanshan Mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn.

Hiking not only provides physical benefits, but also makes nature closer to students, enabling them to experience the fun of getting along with nature.

Teachers and students shuttled in the mountain, with laughter along the way, and immersed in the joy of nature. Students of different countries and ages exchanged with each other about experience and perception of life, renewing friendship.

Bright smiles fill up the camera. Looking at the school from the top of the mountain, their eyes are full of pride, returning and new students all included. Students in school uniform behave so well that they become a beautiful scenery to behold in the wonderful autumn, attracting the attention of tourists, and thus the image of CISS is made known to more citizens in Shenyang.