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Welcome New Year with Laughter ‖ CISS Staff Christmas and New Year Party

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On December 11, from CISS campus located in Qipanshan Mountain, Shenyang, there were bursts of laughter from time to time. The 2022 CISS Staff Christmas and New Year Party was in progress!

Every teacher is the protagonist of today's activities. Staff at present give gifts to each other, and step onto the stage to express their love for the CISS family, as well as their own outlook on the future.

Singing? Dancing? Not enough! How can the real joy be so simple. Chair snatching, fun relay, outdoor tug of war and rope skipping. Joy simply stems from participation, no one shall be left behind!

Madam Yun A Duan, Executive Director of CISS, delivered an enthusiastic speech at the party. On behalf of CISS Chairman of the Board, Dr. Francis Pang, she thanked all faculty and staff for their efforts and dedication over the past year. She said that as we ring in the new and bid farewell to the old year after year, while we are in different mood this year particularly. Finally, a new beginning is ushered in after all those tough days over the past three years. Everything is returning to normal. Looking back on the past year, I have seen many unforgettable moments. I have seen the dedication of teachers and the unity and harmony of CISS big family. Yes, this is the most valuable tradition of CISS-that is the spirit of teamwork. I’m convicted that as long as we are united, CISS will have a better future. Again, CISS, only by working hard can we achieve glory. May all the teachers enjoy every day in CISS, peace and joy, and family happiness. Let's greet the arrival of the New Year with a better outlook together!