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Let’s celebrate with Grade 2

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Written by Mr Craig Cairns

During the first Semester of the year, Grade 2 class was learning about and inquiring into different celebrations and traditions from all around the world. In this Unit of Inquiry, students focused on the interdisciplinary theme: "How we express ourselves". Students did this by looking into how different festivals are celebrated around the world. 

Students took an open-minded approach when considering the similarities and differences between how festivals are celebrated globally and were encouraged to respect different cultures and traditions during this process. Students considered a wide range of differences, from the different food we eat and the decorations we make, to the variety of different clothes and costumes we wear. Students were able to use knowledge of calendars and dates from their Mathematics classes to find and place festivals onto a calendar and count down the days until the next global celebration. 

Following this, students also took time in their art lessons to create beautiful decorations for each of their favorite festivals. 

A wonderful opportunity to express their creativity. 

At the end of our unit of inquiry, students took time to contemplate and choose which celebration is their favorite and expressed why they feel that way.