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On Stage Again! CISS Students Shine with “IB Attitude” at Star Mall

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December 8th2018)The voice of CISS students and teachers echoed over the “Christmas Market”, the themed shopping festival at Star Mall this afternoon. When the Christmas classic “Feliz Navidad” was sung, the crowd standing around the stage cannot help clapping their hands and swinging to the music. This time, CISS students have completed their first public performance in front of such a large audience, which was truly another milestone for them as young learners.

 The performance today, carefully planned and implemented by CISS students and teachers, began with a magnificent and powerful Chinese drum show. Many well-known Christmas songs were presented by singing and dancing, accompanied by the teacher band, interspersed with poem recitals and Santa banter. In addition to the variety of the show, costumes and props are also impressive, such as the humorous red nose, Hawaiian ukuleles, Christmas hats, and CISS flags in red. The entire show was completed in an astonishingly remarkable way. How could these international students of diverse ages and cultural backgrounds manage the elaborate rehearsals in less than three weeks?

 “It’s all about the IB attitude of our students,” Fabienne Brown, one of CISS teachers, unveiled the answer. CISS is an IB Candidate School with IBO for the Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Middle Years Program (MYP) in Liaoning Province. The IB education aims to make students curious, knowledgeable, empathetic and open-minded. Striving to become inquirers, thinkers, communicators, and risk-takers is the “IB attitude”. All the in-class lessons and extracurricular activities in CISS are designed based on the IB philosophy.

Both the preparation and outcome of the students show today has fully demonstrated their humble and enterprising spirit. CISS students expressed their pride after the excellent performance, “Our principal told us,when we repeat our show, it’s a great opportunity for us to make it better and better!”

Opening the show with the Chinese drum

Singing with Hawaiin ukeleles

Excellent costumes and props

CISS students and teachers

The junior students on stage

The senior students enjoying the performance

CISS promotion booth at the “Christmas Market"

CISS teachers working at the promotion booth

Children were having fun with the CISS teachers

CISS students getting ready for the show