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Christmas Concert: CISS Students Enjoy the Performance with Self-assurance

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(December 14th, 2018) “Christmas Concert,” the special event of the year, was on in the CISS auditorium. The students showed a variety of music programs with their performance skills increasingly mature.

For the concert tonight, instrumental music was highlighted. Pop music added a sense of youthful vigor to this festive show. The hit song “Uptown Funk” was performed by the drum duet and the Chinese song “Anti-War” by drum accompaniment. The classical music, mostly played by piano, ranged from Beethoven to Strauss I. Some students also presented themselves with violin and guitar. With the addition of Christmas songs, CISS students took on the stage a concert with a varied repertoire and strong Christmasy flavor.

CISS students from all grades take music and performance classes. Every show the students participate is an opportunity for them to consolidate what they learn and enjoy themselves. The head of the school Mr. Alan Norman values the role of art-related courses in K-12 education. “Every student needs to learn how to gain confidence in everything they are capable of doing and do it recreationally. ” he said, “Students will have private enjoyment in understanding music and art, and for those who gain instrumental skills through long hours of hard work, this concert is also a good chance for them to show their talent. “

Students with ukeleles singing with the teacher

Students hosting their concert with four different languages

One of the drummers playing Uptown Funk 

Singing by the drum accompaniment

The violinist and pianist

The guitar band of students and teachers

CISS students hosting the concert with great passion

CISS school choir

Students performing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Students cheering for this Christmas concert

Santa is on his way!