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Environmental Protection Activity was Held in C

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Environmental Protection Activity was Held in Canadian International School of Shenyang

On May 6 2019, all students from Grades 1 to 3 of the Canadian International School of Shenyang came to Qipan Mountain developing outdoor activity on the subject of environmental protection. Principal Mr Alan Norman and the teachers guided the children to pick up rubbish along the way and bring it back to school, explaining how to classify garbage. All in all, it was an event that everyone enjoyed immensely. The students not only learned a lot about environmental protection, but also experienced first hand the process of garbage collection and classification. It was a great opportunity that all participants will remember fondly.

Mr Alan Norman indicated that making all students become lifelong learners with environmental and global awareness is the philosophy that CISS has always been adhering to. CISS is located near Qipan Mountain scenic area in Shenyang, and has its own public responsibility to maintain the local beautiful ecological environment. Through this activity, Students would be able to deepen their understanding of environmental protection, and also develop the right public welfare attitude of “starting from me” and “doing small things” since childhood.