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Canadian Justice Irving ·Lambert visited Canadi

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  On May 14th, Mr. Irving Lambert, a justice who used to work at Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, visited the Canadian International School of Shenyang and gave a legal lecture for all teachers and students.

  Justice Lambert has built profound friendship with AKD and has been visiting the school since 1996, when the first Canadian International School was established by AKD in China. In the following 20 years, with the development of international education of AKD in China, Justice Lambert has been coming to China every year to introduce the Canadian legal system to the students of the group's Sino-Canadian and international schools and helped them to understand the problems they might encounter when visiting or residing in Canada. His lectures benefited countless students and his support also has become one of the many advantages offered to students by the International Schools of AKD.

  Irving Lambert gave high praises for the school's educational and teaching environment after visiting the middle school and primary school of CISS. In his lecture, he mainly discussed some prominent problems that young people might encounter in international exchanges, especially cyber-violence and coping strategies.

  In the Lecture, Justice Lambert said “When you visit another country, you must abide by the applicable laws of it. Many Canadian laws are the same as those in China, but their interpretation and execution may be different. Sino-Canadian students need to be aware of these differences, as some actions which are not considered to be illegal in China may be considered a serious law-breaking offense in Canada.

  Justice Lambert explained in detail the definition of sexual assault and the penalties for committing sexual assault, the best way to avoid being a victim of sexual assault, laws regarding alcohol and illegal drugs, and, most importantly, how to refuse alcohol and drugs. At the end of his lecture, Justice Lambert also described plagiarism, and how it can negatively affect a person’s future college studies or career.

  Moreover, Justice Lambert encouraged our students to make friends with people of good character, avoiding to participate in any illegal activities.  He wished our students would not drink alcohol or use drugs, as people who abuse these substances are usually the people who commit crimes.

  The laws in Canada are similar to those in most Western countries. Justice Lambert hoped that our students would know how to avoid any issues related to the law and regulate their behavior by listening to his lecture.